Let us hangout with super star Angela. The glamorous world of “My Talking Angela Mod APk”. Angela is your very own virtual pet and you give her a fabulous life! She is all yours to look after from kitten to a beautiful adult cat. You can dress up Angela Apk in the latest fashions, decor her home beautiful and feed her with delicious food. You can also play games together, collect cool stickers and coins just have fun. Make my talking Angela your very own superstar.

My Talking Angela MOD APK Unlimited Everything (Money/Diamonds)

My Talking Angela Modded APK

One of the outstanding projects from Outfit7 where the main character of the wonderful game is the marvelous cat by the name of My Talking Angela Apk Mod. As in the other similar games, you need to take care of her (Angela), to maintain her home, buy clothes, do

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makeup for her and make her hair, bathe, of her feeding time, monitor the health and much more. The game will provide you with many mini-games so that you will not be bored while Angela is resting or sleeping.

Best Features of My Talking Angela APK

Angela in Paris

Talking Angela in Paris

Come on join the Talking Angela apk now in Paris, obviously the city of love, magic and style. There are so many surprises and rewards. Cheer up with the amazing gifts, choose the latest styles, and magical cocktails to have the experience special moments with Angela. And watch out for birds nearby, you never knows what might fly by.

Turn Child Mode

Turn on Child Mode

Talking Angela was released in December 2012 for mobile iPhone and iPad, then in January 2013 for Android mobile. It followed the pattern of previous game Talking Tom and Friends apps, a virtual animal who will squeakily repeat anything you say into your device’s microphone, now with Angela by interacting with her, tapping and swiping on the screen.

Note: It is the most important thing for parents to understand that Talking Angela has a child mode. You are asked if you want to turn it on or not the first time you run the app. And at any other time you can toggle it on or off by tapping on the little smiley face at the top right of the screen in the app.

This is important, because the feature at the center of the scary Facebook messages. Also, Angela’s ability to text-chat with users – is turned off when Child Mode is toggled on for your child talking Angela. If you have read about Angela, asking kids for their names, ages or engaging in banter about clothes-swapping parties and dance, none of such this can happen if Child Mode is on.

The downside of this:  is that it is far too easy to toggle it on and off, and there is no Pin preventing a child from tapping on the smiley face and switching it back on to the other mode.

Do you want to know, what can kids do when Child Mode is turned on, though? They can get Angela to repeat words, kids can stroke and poke her (in the non-inappropriate or wrong sense!) to see animated responses, and make birds fly in sky onto the screen, don’t worry, she does not eat them.

Now there is also a camera feature, which is been referenced in some of the Facebook messages about Talking Angela. It is true that it encourages users to look into their device’s camera and make specific gestures like smile, and nod, shake head, yawn or stick out their tongue, so Angela can also copy it.

Feline Frolics With Angela

Feeling Frolic With Talking Angela Mod Apk

There are several facets for My Talking Angela, allowing you to engage with Angela in a number of different ways. The ‘virtual pet’ (Angela) element in the game involves the usual kind of thing: stroking, showering, feeding, and putting Angela to sleep. These parts are well executed but it’s hardly original and enjoyable. And there’s so much of it you can take before you get bored.

Thankfully there are plenty of other things to do in My Talking Angela APK. There are fun mini games: Suitcase Tower, Brick Breaker and Tiny Puzzles (in this you need to put together Tetris-style pieces to fit on a grid). The games are easy to play, and very addictive. Although, the games are not saving your previous scours, by the fact that your progress isn’t saved when you close them.

Another interesting part of My Talking Angela APK Mod is the “sticker packs” that you can unlock them by leveling up or completing tasks. Each pack you are given contains several stickers that you can then put into a virtual sticker album. You can also trade stickers with the other players around the world. It is a great and unique aspect of the game, which will keep you coming back for more fun.

Dress and Make Up Angela

Change Dress and Makeup Angela

One of the features of “My Talking Angela Free Download” that is the ability to dress up Angela and make over her surroundings. You can change her outfits and get new furniture for her to change the scene. Clothes and items can be purchased using game currency (coin, starts), which is earned by leveling up Angela, through the mini games, or even by purchasing. Just like other talking app’s you can make Angela repeat whatever you say into the microphone in a high-pitched with cute cat voice. It is also possible to record the screen and share videos of what you get up to with Angela the great.

Furry, Family Fun

Enjoy Family Fun

My Talking Angela Mod is very simple to play, making it ideally suited for kids and children, even the younger ones. All of the various parts of the app’s menu are explained well so would not have any confusions. When you first start using “My Talking Angela”, mini game controls are ultra simple. And the menu icons are large and clear to play.

When you perform certain tasks, items bounce to indicate that it’s time to use those, For example, when you soap Angela’s body, the shower head starts to jump slightly, to show you that it’s time to rinse her (Angela) off. It will be subtitle’s, helpful way to indicate what to do next.

The design of “My Talking Angela” is sweet and cutesy. Pink features as part of the color scheme is mind blowing and the character herself is vibrant and full of life and craziness. Angela is expressive and gives you reactions on your moves, and you can judge how she’s feeling by her eyes and the little noises she makes. Music in the mini games is upbeat and quickly gets stuck in your head.

Download Talking Angela Mod APK

Talking Angela Mod APK

GamePlay of My Talking Angela Modded APK

  • Ready guys now here is the red carpet celebrities the one and only “Angela” join Talking Angela in the world’s most fashionable city.
  • Click the “Gift” button to open superb presents. Use the “Coat Hanger” button for the chic accessories and makeup cosmetic.
  • When you press the “Cocktail” button, you will get a taste of Parisian magic.
  • Play the “Record” button and share silly videos with your friends and family.
  • You can hit the “Larry” button to fly high in the sky into feather, and have fun.
  • Click the heart-shaped “Fortune Cookie” button for words of wisdom, and enjoy fun with Talking Angela.

 FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Talking Angela safe?

Yes! talking Angela is safe. It is just a game for kids fun and many adults also are loving it for not being bored. It’s absolutely safe game and make it easier with truing child mode on.

How to chat with talking Angela?

Just download the Apk mod for Talking Angela. The easiest way to chat with Angela you pet.

Ask her questions about her dresses and old days.

How to get talking Angela call you?

There is nothing like calling Angela or she calls you either. So be free to use the app. Keep earning coins and diamonds.

Does Talking Angela ask personal questions?

NO! Angela just ask you general question and engage you with her, by listening to your answer as well as questions. In between she laughs and also you can use face camera, she will copy your face reactions

Is Talking Angela suitable for children?

Yeah! Of Couse it is specially designed for kids. As their beautiful pet, which can even talk to them and you will enjoy her company.

How to play Talking Angela?

It is simple to play with her visit out site to be satisfied. It is a friendly gaming app. When you use mod apk you do not want to unlock the levels.

Who is behind talking Angela eyes? or does Angela have a person in her eye?

Again! never believe on fake saying it is just a game to play. There is no kind of such things like a man in her eye or she calls you. Specially play the Talking Angela mod apk.

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My Talking Angela Mod Apk

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